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Ceramic Tile For Your Home

Ceramic tile is the flooring choice most often chosen by homeowners looking for durability. Believe it or not, this mixture of elements that includes natural clay and stand dates back to ancient times, and there are ceramic applications that have been uncovered whole and unharmed in ruins dating back to ancient Egypt and even in the infamous Pompeii.

This durability makes ceramic tile the go-to choice for areas with high traffic and bigger risk for spills and moisture, which includes bathrooms and kitchen areas. The naturally strong ceramic can even be glazed to increase durability against foot traffic and other factors, and porcelain tile (a specific variety of ceramic) is strong enough to even be used in outdoor applications such as patios and walkways.

While we mainly focus on flooring, ceramic tile can even be used to add durability and design to walls or countertops, a popular choice once again for those kitchen and dining areas. The fact that ceramic tile is so incredibly customizable means that your floors, walls, and countertops could all be made of the same basic material but look incredibly different. Even unique tiles within each specific application can be customized to create patterns, images, or accent pieces that improve the visual appeal of the room in addition to upping the durability. Everything from the tile color/design, grout color, and tile shape can be fully customized to fit your unique style. The most common complaint about ceramic tile is the fact that it tends to struggle to retain heat, and can be cold to the touch. New radiant heating technology makes this a thing of the past, however, and even during the coldest winter mornings you could step out of your shower onto a perfectly temperate ceramic floor.

The options don’t end there-- in addition to glossy and matte, colors and sizes, and heating options, you can also choose the right type of material for your tiles, including recycled products that will make your flooring (or walls and countertops!) as environmentally friendly as it is durable.