Engineered Hardwood

engineered hardwood Auburn, CA

The Benefits of Engineered Hardwood

These days, having a furnished basement can mean new possibilities for upgrading a home, including a new bedroom for a growing teenager, home gym, or bar and lounge area. Unfortunately, the fact that basements are below ground level means that only certain flooring types such as hardwood can’t be used due to their naturally high absorbency levels. If you’ve been imagining a natural wood look in your spacious bottom floor, don’t despair-- engineered hardwood gives you real natural wood while still tolerating below-ground moisture.

Engineered hardwood looks and feels like real wood, because it IS real wood. Instead of using thick planks, manufacturers have discovered that they can cancel out the naturally porous nature of wood by using thinner planks and layering them with opposing grain directions. This method is not only extremely effective for making wood more practical in basements, but will also decrease the absorbency of dirt and dust, which is ideal for a home with allergy sufferers. With these added benefits, you may think that engineered hardwood is more expensive than traditional hardwood, but it can actually be a far more cost effective option due to the fact that these alternating thin layers can be made of lower quality and less expensive wood. You might be worried about the sound of “cheap” wood, but no need-- your feet will never graze these layers because engineered hardwood is topped with a thicker veneer layer of your choice of hardwood. Even if you decide on a more expensive variety, it will still be somewhat thinner than a traditional hardwood plank, meaning that the cost will again be lower.

You can decide how to finish the wood of your selection, and will even be able to re-finish it in future years one or more times (depending on the variety and quality of wood chosen) which makes it unique from the popular hardwood alternative, linoleum.