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If you want the beautiful looks of naturally good looking floors but want or need something durable and easy to maintain, then take a look at our luxury vinyl flooring collection. At Auburn Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry all kinds of flooring, including the best luxury vinyl that fits the needs of you and your home. Luxury vinyl is rising in popularity in the flooring market and for good reason. Read below to learn about the benefits of luxury vinyl.

To start, luxury vinyl is made to look and feel just like real hardwood, stone, or tile flooring. Using the most modern printing technology and registered embossing, luxury vinyl is becoming the new alternative to hardwood and other natural flooring. Choose to stay within trends with weathered rustic looks, or lean towards more traditional warm tones, luxury vinyl comes in endless options.

In addition to its ability to replicate other flooring, luxury vinyl also has other beneficial features. Luxury vinyl is made with a special backing that makes it feel softer underfoot than hardwood or stone. It is also much warmer feeling than a traditional tile or wood floor. The surface of luxury vinyl is made to be scratch and scuff resistant, and some variations of luxury vinyl are water resistant and even water proof. Luxury vinyl is also known to be much easier to install and even easier to clean and maintain. That means you get more time to do the things you love.

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Best Luxury Vinyl

There are a few different luxury vinyl flooring options, including vinyl plank and sheet vinyl. Let our experts help you make the best choice for your setting.

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Earthscapes vinyl flooring

Wood Look Luxury Vinyl

Wood look is a growing category in luxury vinyl, and it’s staying on trend. Get all of your favorite features of hardwood but with the added benefit of it being vinyl.

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