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While currently at the top of the trend list, tile is anything but new. A tradition that spans centuries, tile continues to endure and inspire today. With its incredible staying power and endless options for creative expression, tile is always a great idea. Tile floors are a striking addition to both interior and exterior spaces, both commercial and residential. It’s equally at home by the poolside or above your kitchen range.

At Auburn Carpet One Floor & Home, you’ll find an extensive inventory of both indoor and outdoor tile products, with hundreds of options to suite every color scheme, style, space, or budget. Thinking of adding some tile to your favorite space? Here are a few things you might like to know before you make your purchase.

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Join our very own Jim Aaron, VP of Merchandising for Carpet One Floor & Home, for some information on the three basic types of tile flooring: ceramic, porcelain, and stone.

Benefits of Tile

There’s truly a lot to love when it comes to tile flooring. Tile is available to fit every style, both classical and contemporary, and there are plenty of colors and patterns make your space stand out. It’s easy to customize your ideal space with tile, and tile is very easy to care for.

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Types of Tile

With a whole universe of tile choices, narrowing down your decision can seem pretty overwhelming at first. Although there are currently tile made from metal, glass, mosaic, vinyl, and other materials, the majority of tile you’ll encounter are made out of ceramic, porcelain, or stone. All types of tile are durable however there are still some important differences to consider when choosing your tile material.

Both ceramic and porcelain tile are made out of clay, which is then glazed and kiln-fired.  Porcelain tile is a lot denser than ceramic tile, since it is fired hotter. This makes porcelain a great choice for bathroom flooring. Both ceramic and porcelain can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Stone tile is made out of natural minerals such as granite or marble. It can be used in a variety of settings. Glossy marble, for example, makes a stately living room floor, while rough granite can make a wonderful patio in a natural landscape.

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As a member of Carpet One Floor & Home, Auburn Carpet One Floor & Home enjoys the buying power of over a thousand stores, yet remains closely tied to its surrounding neighborhoods. We are a locally owned/operated member of North America’s largest cooperative of independently owned flooring store, giving us extreme buying power and competitive pricing. Visit our showroom, located at 10068 Streeter Road Unit 15 in Auburn, CA, and discover the vivid world of tile.

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Types of Tile

Here’s a handy reference for your tile journey, which includes a few important facts about the types of tile you’ll encounter.

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Benefits of Ceramic

Ceramic tile continues to be one of the most popular flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms.

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Natural Stone

Are you searching for tile that’s truly one-of-a-kind? Stone tile presents unlimited options for unparalleled elegance you’ll enjoy every day.

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