Carpet Types

Allow your friends at Auburn Carpet One to go over the basics of carpet flooring.

Types of Carpet

Carpet flooring is a warm and wonderful option for your home or business, but the wide variety of choices can be overwhelming. Let us help you with your selection with this informative guide to beautiful and functional carpet flooring options and the array of colors, patterns, textures and materials you can choose from.

Carpet comes in three main pile types:  loop pile, cut pile, and combination pile. Each type has unique features you should consider.

1. Cut pile carpet is made of yarn cut along the ends, and is the most common type used in homes. Cut pile carpet has five styles to choose from.

  • Velvet style is very soft because it uses untwisted non-heat-set yarn
  • Cable style’s thick yarn gives carpet a loose informal look
  • Shag style uses long yarn and therefore is more easily crushed or matted
  • Frieze style is typically mat resistant because the yarn is highly twisted
  • Saxony style’s tuft appearance incorporates heat set yarn for high durability

2. Loop pile carpet may be a better option if you have heavy foot traffic in your home or business. There are two styles of loop pile:

  • Level loop carpet has yarn loops of consistent height which give the carpet a smooth, even look
  • Multi-loop pile has different loop heights which give it a pattern effect

3. Finally, combination pile carpet is a great option because it incorporates the best features from both cut and loop pile to give it a unique style all its own. As with the other pile types, combination pile also has several styles to choose from:

  • Random shear style uses cut and uncut loops of varying heights which gives it a luxurious texture
  • Tip shear carpet is very similar to random shear except that it has a less noticeable height difference and texture
  • Level and cut loop pile uses both pile types which gives it a unique “foot feel”

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