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Waterproof Flooring Options

Water tends to be the number one enemy of flooring. It can cause substantial damage to both the flooring itself and the subfloor. That is why the flooring industry has developed totally waterproof flooring, which not only protects your subfloors but also has the ability to be installed all over your home. Luxury vinyl flooring and WPC are two types of waterproof flooring we offer at Auburn Carpet One Floor & Home. Not all luxury vinyl is made to be waterproof. Many homeowners are misled when purchasing luxury vinyl flooring and install it in rooms where moisture can damage the floor over time. We have the experts to help you find the right products that you are looking for.

How Does Waterproof Flooring Work?

Luxury vinyl and WCP’s core is where they get their waterproof qualities from. Manufacturers use materials such as limestone dust and PVC composites in the flooring that do not absorb moisture. This also means the floors with not buckle, crack, or warp due to moisture. You must keep in mind that just because the flooring itself is waterproof, that does not mean your subfloor is as well.

There are differences between waterproof floors and water resistant floors. Waterproof floors are made to resist water from their surface all the way to their backing. Water resistant flooring can only resist water from the surface, and it’ll eventually become absorbed if not taken care of. Let’s talk about your subfloor not being waterproof, it is always important to clean up any water related spills or moisture as to prevent your subfloors from being damaged.

You can install waterproof and water resistant flooring in every room of your home. That means you can install luxury vinyl and WPC in rooms like your basement, mudroom, kitchen and even bathroom.

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